Yorkie Size Chart

The Yorkie Size Chart categorizes Yorkies into Teacup, Tiny Toy, Toy, and Standard sizes based on their weight range, height at shoulder, and typical characteristics.
Size Category Weight Range Height at Shoulder Typical Characteristics
Teacup Yorkie Up to 4 lbs (1.81 kg) 5-7 inches (12.7-17.78 cm) Extremely small, fragile, may require special care
Tiny Toy Yorkie 4-6 lbs (1.81-2.72 kg) 7-9 inches (17.78-22.86 cm) Small but more robust than Teacup, active and playful
Toy Yorkie 6-7 lbs (2.72-3.17 kg) 9-10 inches (22.86-25.4 cm) Close to breed standard, lively, and suitable for families
Standard Yorkie 7-10 lbs (3.17-4.53 kg) 8-9 inches (20.32-22.86 cm) Meets AKC breed standards, well-proportioned, and adaptable

The Yorkie Size Chart provides information about the various size categories of Yorkshire Terriers, along with their corresponding weight range, height at the shoulder, and typical characteristics. This chart helps potential Yorkie owners understand the differences between different sizes and choose the one that best suits their preferences and lifestyle. With the Yorkie Size Chart, individuals can make informed decisions when selecting a Yorkie based on their desired size and characteristics.


What is a Yorkie size chart?

A Yorkie size chart is a visual representation of the average size range for Yorkshire Terriers based on their age and weight.

How accurate is a Yorkie size chart?

A Yorkie size chart provides general guidelines, but individual Yorkies may vary in size due to genetics, health, diet, and other factors. It's essential to consider the chart as a reference rather than an absolute predictor of size.

At what age is a Yorkie fully grown according to the size chart?

According to the size chart, most Yorkies reach their full-grown size between 8 and 12 months of age. However, some Yorkies may continue to fill out and develop until they are 18 months old.

What is the average weight of a fully grown Yorkie based on the size chart?

The average weight of a fully grown Yorkie, according to the size chart, is typically between 4 and 7 pounds, with males often being slightly larger than females.

How can I use a Yorkie size chart to estimate my puppy's adult size?

To estimate your Yorkie's adult size using a size chart, track your puppy's current weight and age. Then refer to the chart to get an idea of the projected weight range for your puppy's age. Keep in mind that it's an estimation and individual growth rates may vary.

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