Wrench Size Chart

The Wrench Size Chart provides the corresponding standard and metric wrench sizes for various bolt diameters.
Bolt Diameter (inches) Standard Wrench Size (SAE) (inches) Metric Equivalent (mm)
1/16 1/4 6
5/64 5/16 8
3/32 3/8 10
1/8 7/16 11
5/32 1/2 13
3/16 9/16 14
7/32 5/8 16
1/4 11/16 17
5/16 3/4 19
3/8 13/16 21
7/16 7/8 22
1/2 15/16 24
9/16 1-1/16 27
5/8 1-1/4 32
3/4 1-7/16 36
7/8 1-5/8 41
1 1-7/8 48

The Wrench Size Chart provided is a comprehensive reference guide that outlines the standard wrench sizes for different bolt diameters, both in the SAES (Society of Automotive Engineers) measurements and their corresponding metric equivalents. This chart can be used as a quick and handy tool for selecting the appropriate wrench size for various applications. By referencing the bolt diameter, one can easily identify the corresponding wrench size, whether it is in inches or millimeters. This Wrench Size Chart greatly simplifies the process of determining the correct tool to use for tightening or loosening bolts in mechanical, automotive, or other industrial settings.


What is a wrench size chart?

A wrench size chart is a reference tool that provides information on the corresponding wrench size for different nut and bolt sizes.

Why is a wrench size chart important?

A wrench size chart is important because it helps mechanics and do-it-yourself enthusiasts identify the right wrench size needed for various applications, ensuring a proper fit and preventing damage to the fastener.

How does a wrench size chart typically look?

A wrench size chart usually consists of two columns, with the first column listing the nut or bolt size and the second column indicating the corresponding wrench size, typically measured in both metric and imperial units.

Can I use a wrench size chart interchangeably for metric and imperial sizes?

No, metric and imperial wrench sizes are different, so it's important to use the appropriate wrench size chart based on the type of fastener you are working with. Mixing the two systems can result in improper fits and potential damage.

Where can I find a reliable wrench size chart?

Wrench size charts are widely available online, in hardware stores, and in automotive or mechanical repair manuals. Many manufacturers also provide wrench size information in their product catalogs or on their websites.

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