Spray Gun Tip Size Chart

The spray gun tip sizes range from 0.008 to 0.025 inches and are recommended for various materials and applications, such as staining, sealers, lacquers, enamels, oil-based paints, acrylic paints, latex interior paints, primers, elastomeric coatings, roofing materials, and industrial coatings.
Tip Size (Inches) Recommended Usage Materials
0.008 – 0.010 Staining, Sealers Stains, Sealers, Varnish
0.011 – 0.013 Lacquers, Enamels Lacquers, Shellac, Clear Enamels
0.013 – 0.015 Oil Base Paint, Topcoats Thin Oil-based Paints, Urethanes, Varnishes
0.015 – 0.017 Acrylic Paint, Latex Exterior Acrylic Paints, Latex-Based Paints, Primers
0.017 – 0.019 Latex Interior, Heavy Acrylics Latex Interior Paints, Heavy Bodied Acrylics
0.019 – 0.021 Primers, Block Fillers Primers, Block Fillers, Elastomerics
0.021 – 0.025 Elastomeric Coatings, Heavy Block Fillers Elastomeric Coatings, Heavy Block Fillers, Specialty Materials
0.025 and Up Roofing Materials, Industrial Coatings Roof Coatings, Industrial Coatings, High Build Materials

The Spray Gun Tip Size Chart provides valuable information about the recommended usage and suitable materials for different tip sizes of spray guns. This chart categorizes tip sizes based on their diameter in inches and provides corresponding recommendations for staining, sealing, painting, and other applications. It also lists the specific materials that can be effectively applied using each tip size. This chart serves as a helpful reference for individuals or professionals working with spray guns to ensure optimal results in their projects.


What is a spray gun tip size chart?

A spray gun tip size chart is a reference tool that provides information about the appropriate tip size to use with a specific spray gun for different applications.

Why is a spray gun tip size chart important?

A spray gun tip size chart is important because it helps ensure proper atomization of the coating material and optimal spray pattern, leading to better results and more efficient use of materials.

How do I read a spray gun tip size chart?

A spray gun tip size chart typically lists different tip sizes along with the recommended applications for each size. It may also include details about the expected pattern width and fan size.

How do I determine the right spray gun tip size for my project?

To determine the right spray gun tip size, consider factors such as the type of coating material, desired application, and the surface being sprayed. Consult the spray gun manufacturer's recommendations and refer to the spray gun tip size chart for guidance.

Can I use any tip size with any spray gun?

While it is possible to interchange tip sizes between spray guns, it is generally recommended to use the tip size recommended by the manufacturer for proper performance and best results. Referring to a spray gun tip size chart can help ensure compatibility.

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