Software Project Failure Statistics [Fresh Research]

Statistic 1

"52.7% of software projects will cost 189% or more of their original estimates."

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Statistic 2

"Large companies have a 60% higher failure rate in software projects than small companies."

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Statistic 3

"32% of software project failures are due to poor requirements management."

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Statistic 4

"47% of unsuccessful projects fail due to poor project management."

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Statistic 5

"46% of CIOs believe that their organization has more projects than people can manage."

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Statistic 6

"Only 52% of software projects pass the post-release test for quality."

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Statistic 7

"User involvement accounts for 15.9% of software project success."

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Statistic 8

"Over 80% of software project managers admit they have knowingly shipped a flawed product."

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Statistic 9

"Approximately 40-50% of software projects are delivered late."

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Statistic 10

"78% of software projects experience scope creep, which often leads to project failure."

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Statistic 11

"27% of software projects fail because the organization lacks the necessary resources or capabilities."

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