Shoe Size Comparison Chart

The Shoe Size Comparison Chart compares men’s and women’s shoe sizes in the US, UK, EU, and CM.
US Men US Women UK EU CM
4 5.5 3.5 36 22
4.5 6 4 36.5 22.5
5 6.5 4.5 37.5 23
5.5 7 5 38 23.5
6 7.5 5.5 38.5 24
6.5 8 6 39 24.5
7 8.5 6.5 40 25
7.5 9 7 40.5 25.5
8 9.5 7.5 41 26
8.5 10 8 42 26.5
9 10.5 8.5 42.5 27
9.5 11 9 43 27.5
10 11.5 9.5 44 28
10.5 12 10 44.5 28.5
11 12.5 10.5 45 29
11.5 13 11 45.5 29.5
12 13.5 11.5 46 30
12.5 14 12 46.5 30.5
13 14.5 12.5 47 31

The Shoe Size Comparison Chart provides a comparison between shoe sizes in different measurements. It includes the shoe sizes for US men, US women, UK, EU, and CM. This chart can be a helpful reference for individuals who want to convert their shoe sizes between different systems. By using this chart, you can easily find the equivalent size in various measurements, ensuring that you choose the right size for your feet.


How do I use a shoe size comparison chart?

To use a shoe size comparison chart, locate your shoe size from your country or region on the left side of the chart, then find the corresponding size on the right side for the country or region you are interested in.

Are shoe sizes the same worldwide?

No, shoe sizes can vary across different countries and regions. That's why using a shoe size comparison chart can help you find the equivalent size in another country or region.

Is there a standard shoe size conversion chart?

While there is no universal standard shoe size conversion chart, there are widely-used charts available online that provide approximate conversions between different sizing systems.

Can I rely solely on a shoe size comparison chart when buying shoes online?

While a shoe size comparison chart can be helpful, it's always recommended to refer to the specific brand's size guide or measurements provided by the seller when buying shoes online. Factors like shoe design, materials, and personal foot anatomy can influence the fit.

Can I convert men's shoe sizes to women's using a shoe size comparison chart?

Yes, many shoe size comparison charts include conversions between men's and women's shoe sizes. By using such a chart, you can approximate the equivalent size in the desired gender's sizing system. However, keep in mind that men's and women's shoe designs often differ in terms of width and shape, so the fit may not be exact.

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