Rv Mattress Sizes Chart

The RV Mattress Sizes Chart includes dimensions for RV King, RV Queen, RV Full, RV Twin, and RV Bunk mattresses in both inches and centimeters.

Author: Jannik Lindner

First published: 7/17/2024

The Rv Mattress Sizes Chart provides information on various mattress sizes commonly used in recreational vehicles. The chart includes dimensions in inches and centimeters for RV King, RV Queen, RV Full, RV Twin, and RV Bunk mattresses. This chart can be helpful for individuals looking to furnish or replace mattresses in their RVs.

Chart Data

RV Mattress Size Dimensions (inches) Dimensions (cm)
RV King 72 x 80 183 x 203
RV Queen 60 x 80 152 x 203
RV Full 53 x 75 135 x 190
RV Twin 38 x 75 97 x 190
RV Bunk 28 x 75 71 x 190


The RV Mattress Sizes Chart provides a range of mattress dimensions to accommodate various sleeping needs within recreational vehicles.


What are the common sizes of RV mattresses?

The most common sizes for RV mattresses are RV short queen (60" x 75"), RV queen (60" x 80"), RV king (72" x 80"), and RV bunk sizes (usually 28" x 75" or 30" x 80").

How do I measure my RV mattress to ensure I purchase the correct size replacement?

To measure your RV mattress, start at the top edge and measure straight down to the bottom edge for the length, and from side to side for the width. Make sure to measure in inches and consider any curves or corners in the mattress.

Are RV mattress sizes different from regular mattress sizes?

Yes, RV mattress sizes are typically shorter in length compared to standard residential mattress sizes. This is to accommodate the limited space often found in RV bedrooms.

Can I use a standard residential mattress in my RV?

While you can use a standard residential mattress in your RV, it's important to ensure it fits properly without obstructing any doors or storage compartments. You may need to consider the weight and thickness of the mattress as well.

Where can I find custom-sized RV mattresses?

Many mattress manufacturers offer custom-sized RV mattresses to fit unique or non-standard RV bed frames. You can also find retailers specializing in RV mattresses online or at RV supply stores.