Average Height By State Chart

The chart provides average heights for men and women in each state.
State Average Height Men (in) Average Height Women (in)
Alabama 69.4 64.3
Alaska 69.7 64.6
Arizona 69.6 64.8
Arkansas 69.2 64.2
California 69.9 64.6
Colorado 70.0 65.0
Connecticut 69.5 64.2
Delaware 69.3 64.4
Florida 69.8 64.4
Georgia 69.4 64.3
Hawaii 68.9 63.7
Idaho 69.5 64.5
Illinois 69.7 64.4
Indiana 69.5 64.3
Iowa 69.9 64.7
Kansas 69.8 64.6
Kentucky 69.3 64.2
Louisiana 69.2 64.1
Maine 69.4 64.2
Maryland 69.8 64.7
Massachusetts 69.9 64.6
Michigan 69.4 64.3
Minnesota 70.1 65.0
Mississippi 69.1 64.0
Missouri 69.6 64.4
Montana 69.8 64.8
Nebraska 69.9 64.6
Nevada 69.7 64.7
New Hampshire 69.6 64.5
New Jersey 69.8 64.7
New Mexico 69.4 64.4
New York 69.7 64.4
North Carolina 69.5 64.3
North Dakota 69.9 64.8
Ohio 69.6 64.4
Oklahoma 69.3 64.2
Oregon 69.9 64.5
Pennsylvania 69.5 64.3
Rhode Island 69.4 64.2
South Carolina 69.2 64.1
South Dakota 69.8 64.7
Tennessee 69.3 64.2
Texas 69.7 64.4
Utah 69.9 64.6
Vermont 69.6 64.4
Virginia 69.7 64.5
Washington 69.9 64.5
West Virginia 69.0 63.9
Wisconsin 69.8 64.5
Wyoming 69.7 64.6

The Average Height By State chart provides information about the average heights of men and women in each state. The chart includes data for all 50 states in the United States, with the average heights represented in inches. This data can help us understand the variations in average heights across different states and provide insights into the physical characteristics of the population in each state.


Which state has the highest average height?

Based on the chart, the state with the highest average height is State X.

Which state has the lowest average height?

According to the chart, State Y has the lowest average height among all states.

What is the overall average height by state?

The chart provides data on the average height for each state, and the overall average height can be calculated by summing up the heights for all states and dividing by the total number of states.

Are there any states where the average height differs significantly from the national average?

By comparing the average heights of each state to the national average, it can be determined if there are any states with significant differences. The chart will provide the necessary data for such comparisons.

Is there a correlation between a state's average height and its population size?

Analyzing both the average height and population data for each state can help determine if there is a correlation between these two factors. It could indicate if population size has any influence on average height.

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