Apple Watch Move Goal By Age Chart

The Apple Watch recommends move goals for different age ranges, ranging from 700-900 calories for ages 18-29 to 450-650 calories for ages 70 and above.
Age Range Recommended Move Goal (calories)
18-29 700-900
30-39 650-850
40-49 600-800
50-59 550-750
60-69 500-700
70+ 450-650

The Apple Watch Move Goal By Age Chart provides recommended move goals in terms of calories for different age ranges. This chart helps individuals set appropriate activity targets based on their age to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The chart highlights the recommended move goals for age ranges ranging from 18-29 to 70+, with corresponding ranges of calories to be burned. By using this chart, users can effectively customize their activity goals on the Apple Watch to suit their fitness levels and age demographics.


What is the 'Apple Watch Move Goal By Age Chart'?

The Apple Watch Move Goal By Age Chart is a graphical representation that shows the recommended daily movement goals based on age range for Apple Watch users.

How is the 'Apple Watch Move Goal By Age Chart' helpful?

The chart helps users set achievable fitness goals by providing recommended daily movement targets based on their age.

What factors are considered in determining the recommended move goal?

The recommended move goal on the Apple Watch Move Goal By Age Chart is based on factors such as the user's age, activity level, and general fitness goals.

What does the move goal represent on the Apple Watch?

The move goal on the Apple Watch represents the number of active calories a user should aim to burn each day through movement, exercise, and daily activities.

Can I customize my move goal on the Apple Watch?

Yes, you can customize your move goal on the Apple Watch to be higher or lower than the recommended goal on the chart. The chart serves as a guideline, but the goal can be adjusted to fit your individual needs and preferences.

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