Sports Bra Size Chart

The sports bra size chart categorizes sizes based on band size and bust size, ranging from XS for band size 28-29 and bust size 32-33 to XXL for band size 38-40 and bust size 42-43.
Band Size (inches) Bust Size (inches) Sports Bra Size
28-29 32-33 XS
30-31 34-35 S
32-33 36-37 M
34-35 38-39 L
36-37 40-41 XL
38-40 42-43 XXL

The Sports Bra Size Chart provides a convenient way to determine the appropriate size of a sports bra based on band size and bust size. This chart takes into consideration the measurements of band size, which refers to the circumference of the ribcage just below the breasts, and bust size, which refers to the circumference around the fullest part of the bust. By referring to the table, individuals can find their corresponding sports bra size, ranging from XS to XXL, based on their specific measurements. This size chart serves as a useful tool for those looking to find a sports bra that provides both comfort and support during physical activities.


What is a sports bra size chart?

A sports bra size chart is a measurement guide that helps individuals determine their correct size when shopping for sports bras.

How do I measure my sports bra size?

To measure your sports bra size, you need to measure two key areas - the band size (underbust measurement) and the cup size (bust measurement). Refer to the specific measurement instructions provided in the sports bra size chart for accurate results.

Are sports bra sizes similar to regular bra sizes?

Sports bra sizes can be slightly different from regular bra sizes due to differences in design and support. It is recommended to refer to the specific sports bra size chart to ensure the best fit.

Can I use my regular bra size to determine my sports bra size?

While regular bra size can serve as a starting point, it is recommended to consult the specific sports bra size chart. Sports bras often have different support requirements, so using the correct size chart can help in finding the most comfortable and supportive fit.

Is it necessary to refer to a sports bra size chart every time I buy a sports bra?

It is generally advised to refer to a sports bra size chart when purchasing a new style or brand of sports bra. Sizing can vary across different manufacturers, so using a size chart ensures a more accurate fit and better support during physical activity.

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