Shoe Size Width Chart

The Shoe Size Width Chart provides indicators and corresponding size measurements for men’s and women’s shoe widths including narrow, medium/standard, wide, and extra wide.
Width Indicator Men’s Width Women’s Width
Narrow B AA
Medium/Standard D B
Wide EE D
Extra Wide EEE EE

The Shoe Size Width Chart provides information on the different width indicators for both men’s and women’s shoe sizes. This chart includes indicators such as Narrow, Medium/Standard, Wide, and Extra Wide, along with their corresponding width measurements. By understanding the width of shoes, individuals can ensure a comfortable fit and avoid any discomfort or foot-related issues.


What is a shoe size width chart?

A shoe size width chart is a measurement guide that indicates the varying width options available for different shoe sizes.

How do I interpret a shoe size width chart?

Shoe size width charts typically classify width options using standard letters such as N (narrow), M (medium or regular), W (wide), and XW (extra wide). The chart will correspond these letter options to specific measurements to help you determine the most suitable width for your feet.

Is there a universal shoe size width chart?

While there is no universal shoe size width chart, many shoe manufacturers adhere to a commonly used range of width measurements. However, slight variations may exist, and it is essential to refer to the specific brand's size chart for accurate measurements.

How can I determine my shoe width if I don't have access to a shoe size width chart?

If you don't have access to a shoe size width chart, a general rule of thumb is to try on shoes in different width options and identify which feels most comfortable. If there's excessive tightness or looseness in the shoes, it may indicate a need to switch to a narrower or wider width, respectively.

Can shoe size width charts vary between men's and women's shoes?

Yes, shoe size width charts can differ between men's and women's shoes. Typically, women's widths are narrower than men's. It is crucial to consult the specific size chart for the respective gender when calculating the appropriate width for your feet.

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