Gildan Shirts Size Chart

The Gildan Shirts Size Chart provides chest and length measurements in inches for Small (18/28), Medium (20/29), Large (22/30), X-Large (24/31), and XX-Large (26/32) sizes.

Author: Jannik Lindner

First published: 7/17/2024

This is the Gildan Shirts Size Chart showing the chest and length measurements in inches for sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large.

Chart Data

Size Chest (inches) Length (inches)
Small 18 28
Medium 20 29
Large 22 30
X-Large 24 31
XX-Large 26 32


The Gildan shirts size chart includes measurements for chest and length in inches for sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large.


What is the sizing like for Gildan shirts?

Gildan shirts typically run true to size but may have a slightly looser fit compared to other brands. It is recommended to refer to the size chart provided by Gildan for accurate sizing guidance.

How do I know which size of Gildan shirt to choose?

To determine the best size for you, it is advisable to measure your chest and waist circumference and compare the obtained measurements to the size chart provided by Gildan. This will help you select the most suitable size.

Are Gildan shirts pre-shrunk?

Gildan shirts are pre-shrunk, which means they have undergone a shrinking process during manufacturing to reduce the likelihood of further shrinking after washing. However, it is still recommended to follow the care instructions to maintain the size and shape of the shirt.

Do Gildan shirts run large or small in size?

Gildan shirts are known to have a more generous and relaxed fit compared to some other brands. If you prefer a more fitted look, you may consider sizing down. It is always beneficial to check the size chart and reviews for more insights.

Can I exchange my Gildan shirt for a different size if it doesn't fit?

Many retailers offer exchanges or returns for sizes that do not fit properly. It is advisable to check the return policy of the store where you purchased the Gildan shirt. Online purchases may have different return procedures compared to in-store purchases.