Gabapentin For Dogs Dosage By Weight Chart

The chart provides dosages of Gabapentin for dogs based on their weight, ranging from 50-100 mg per day for dogs weighing 5-10 lbs to consulting a veterinarian for dogs weighing over 100 lbs.
Dog’s Weight (lbs) Dosage (mg per day)
5 – 10 50 – 100
11 – 20 100 – 200
21 – 30 150 – 300
31 – 40 200 – 400
41 – 50 250 – 500
51 – 60 300 – 600
61 – 70 350 – 700
71 – 80 400 – 800
81 – 90 450 – 900
91 – 100 500 – 1000
Over 100 Consult your veterinarian for dosage

The Gabapentin for Dogs Dosage by Weight Chart provides guidelines for administering gabapentin to dogs based on their weight. It outlines the recommended dosage range in milligrams per day for different weight ranges. This chart can be used as a reference to determine the appropriate dosage of gabapentin for dogs, ensuring their safety and effectiveness of treatment.


What is gabapentin and why is it used for dogs?

Gabapentin is a medication that belongs to the anticonvulsant class of drugs. It is commonly prescribed to dogs to manage pain, seizures, and anxiety.

How is the dosage of gabapentin determined for dogs?

The dosage of gabapentin for dogs is typically determined based on the dog's weight. A veterinarian will calculate the appropriate dosage based on the specific needs and condition of the dog.

Is there a dosage chart available to determine gabapentin dosage for dogs by weight?

Yes, there are dosage charts available that provide guidelines for determining the appropriate gabapentin dosage for dogs based on their weight. These charts are typically provided by veterinarians or can be found online from reputable sources.

Can dogs be given too much gabapentin?

Yes, it is possible for dogs to be given too much gabapentin. Overdosing can lead to adverse effects such as sedation, loss of coordination, and even respiratory depression. It is important to follow the prescribed dosage and consult a veterinarian if there are any concerns.

What are the common side effects of gabapentin in dogs?

The most common side effects of gabapentin in dogs include drowsiness, sedation, mild ataxia (loss of coordination), and gastrointestinal upset. It is important to monitor dogs closely when starting gabapentin or adjusting the dosage and report any abnormal side effects to a veterinarian.

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