Bra Size Equivalent Chart

The table shows the equivalent bra sizes across different countries, indicating the corresponding size in the US/Canada, UK, Australia, Europe/China/Japan/HK, and France/Spain/Belgium.
US/Canada UK Australia Europe/China/Japan/HK France/Spain/Belgium
30A 30A 8A 65A 80A
32B 32B 10B 70B 85B
34C 34C 12C 75C 90C
36D 36D 14D 80D 95D
38DD 38DD(E) 16DD 85E 100E
40F 40F 18F 90F 105F
42G 42G 20G 95G 110G
44H 44H 22H 100H 115H

The Bra Size Equivalent Chart provides a comparison of bra sizes across different regions, including US/Canada, UK, Australia, Europe/China/Japan/HK, and France/Spain/Belgium. This chart helps individuals determine their bra size in various countries, ensuring a better fit and comfortable wearing experience. The chart includes a range of bra sizes from 30A to 44H, allowing individuals to easily find their equivalent size in different sizing systems.


What is a bra size equivalent chart?

A bra size equivalent chart is a tool used to compare and convert bra sizes across different sizing systems, as sizing can vary between countries and brands.

Why do we need a bra size equivalent chart?

A bra size equivalent chart is helpful when shopping for bras internationally or when trying different brands, as it allows you to find your correct size in different sizing systems and ensures a better fit.

How does a bra size equivalent chart work?

A bra size equivalent chart typically displays the various sizing systems (e.g., US, UK, European) and their corresponding band and cup sizes. By referring to the chart, you can find the equivalent size for the different sizing systems.

Can I always rely on a bra size equivalent chart?

While a bra size equivalent chart can be a useful guide, it's important to keep in mind that sizes can still slightly vary across brands and even within the same brand. It's always recommended to try on bras to ensure the right fit.

Where can I find a bra size equivalent chart?

Bra size equivalent charts can be found online on various lingerie websites, bra manufacturers' websites, or even through a simple search engine query. Many bra retailers also provide charts in their stores or on their websites to assist customers.

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