Battery Group Size Chart

The Battery Group Size Chart provides information on various battery sizes for different applications, including passenger cars, trucks, marine, Asian cars, European and American vehicles, compact cars, Japanese makes, buses, SUVs, and European luxury vehicles.
Group Size Length (inches) Width (inches) Height (inches) Typical Applications
24 10.25 6.75 8.875 Passenger cars, light trucks
34 10.25 6.75 7.875 Cars, trucks, some marine applications
35 9.00 6.75 8.875 Most Asian cars
47 (H5) 9.70 6.90 7.50 European and some American vehicles
48 (H6) 12.00 6.90 7.50 European and Asian vehicles
49 (H8) 15.00 6.90 7.50 European cars, premium vehicles
51 9.37 5.07 8.75 Compact cars, some Japanese makes
51R 9.37 5.07 8.75 Compact cars, some Asian vehicles
65 12.00 7.50 7.50 Large cars, trucks, buses
75 9.00 7.25 7.75 Mid-size cars, light trucks
78 10.25 7.125 7.625 Large cars, trucks, and SUVs
94R 12.40 6.90 7.50 Many European luxury vehicles

The Battery Group Size Chart provides information on various group sizes of batteries used in different applications. The chart includes details such as the length, width, and height of each battery size, along with typical applications where they are commonly used. This chart can be helpful for individuals looking to replace or upgrade their batteries in vehicles or other equipment. By referring to the chart, users can easily find the appropriate battery size for their specific needs and ensure compatibility with their vehicles or devices.


What is a battery group size chart?

A battery group size chart is a reference guide that provides information about the various sizes and dimensions of automotive batteries.

Why is a battery group size chart important?

A battery group size chart is important because it helps in identifying the correct battery size for a specific vehicle, ensuring compatibility and proper fitment.

How can I use a battery group size chart?

To use a battery group size chart, you need to know the make, model, and year of the vehicle. Then, you can find the corresponding battery group size in the chart based on this information.

Is there a standard battery group size chart?

Yes, there is a standard battery group size chart that is widely used by automotive manufacturers and battery retailers. This standardization ensures consistency across different brands and models of vehicles.

Can a battery group size chart be used for all types of vehicles?

No, a battery group size chart is specific to automotive batteries and is primarily used for cars, trucks, and other motorized vehicles. It may not be suitable for other types of batteries, such as those used in marine or recreational vehicles.

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