Battery Cable Size Chart

The Battery Cable Size Chart provides information on the American Wire Gauge (AWG) size, diameter, maximum current, and maximum length for various AWG sizes for 12V and 24V systems.
AWG Size Diameter (mm) Max Current (Amps) Max Length for 12V (ft) Max Length for 24V (ft)
8 AWG 3.26 40 2.0 4.0
6 AWG 4.11 55 3.1 6.2
4 AWG 5.19 70 4.6 9.2
2 AWG 6.54 95 7.3 14.6
1 AWG 7.35 110 9.2 18.4
0 AWG 8.25 125 11.6 23.2
00 AWG 9.27 150 14.6 29.2
000 AWG 10.4 175 18.4 36.8
0000 AWG 11.68 200 23.2 46.4

The Battery Cable Size Chart provides information on various sizes of battery cables, including the American Wire Gauge (AWG) size, diameter in millimeters, maximum current in amperes, and the maximum length for both 12V and 24V systems. This chart is useful for determining the appropriate size of battery cable to use based on the specific electrical requirements of a system. By referring to the chart, users can ensure that they select the correct cable size to avoid potential issues such as voltage drop or overheating.


What is a battery cable size chart?

A battery cable size chart is a reference tool that provides information on the recommended cable size for connecting batteries to various electrical loads.

Why is it important to use the correct cable size from the battery cable chart?

Using the correct cable size from the battery cable chart is crucial because it ensures efficient power transfer, minimizes voltage drop, and prevents overheating of the cables due to excessive current.

How are battery cable sizes determined and listed on the chart?

Battery cable sizes are determined based on the maximum current capacity they can safely handle. The chart lists various cable sizes along with the corresponding maximum current ratings.

Can I use a cable size smaller than recommended in the battery cable chart?

It is generally not recommended to use a cable size smaller than what is recommended in the battery cable chart. Smaller cables may result in excessive voltage drop and overheating, potentially leading to damage or failure of the electrical system.

Are there variations in battery cable size charts for different types of batteries?

Yes, there can be variations in battery cable size charts depending on the type of batteries being used. Different battery chemistries and voltage ratings may require different cable sizes to accommodate their specific current demands. It is important to refer to the appropriate chart for the specific battery type being utilized.

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