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Marketing Strategy Template

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Our Marketing Strategy Template is specifically crafted to guide you through the different lifecycle stages a customer passes through with your brand—from initial awareness to becoming a brand advocate. This toolkit focuses on developing a robust customer acquisition strategy, integrating sales and marketing tactics to attract and convert potential customers. Whether it’s leveraging the AIDA model to capture attention and interest, or using targeted sales strategies to encourage action, this template equips you with the tools to build a comprehensive plan that aligns with your go-to-market phase. Begin crafting your targeted acquisition strategies today and set the stage for customer growth and retention.


What's Inside?


Contained Work-Packages

  • Customers Preferences and Marketing Objectives
  • Defining the Marketing Channels
  • Creating your Marketing Action Plan
  • Set your Marketing Metrics
  • Detailed Marketing Campaign & Activity Planning
  • Marketing Execution Deep Dive

Free Step-by-Step Guide

How To Develop A Marketing Strategy

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Easy to recolor, tweak, and edit

Depending on the application, our templates are created in various tools, e.g. in Google Sheets or in the whiteboard tool Miro. You can adapt the templates to your use case and use them immediately in practice with the help of our detailed step-by-step guide.

Our Standard

All Our Templates...

  • Are based on best practices and years of experience
  • Use methodologies and frameworks applied by the big consultancies and corporates
  • Come with a detailed step-by-step guide
  • Include curated information where necessary
  • Use real-live examples for better understanding

Our Team

Created by top-tier consultants

We’re a team of entrepreneurs and consultants from Germany. We’ve created thousands of presentations for every purpose and organizational level. Here we have distilled this experience into these templates for you so you can create similar best-practice, tried-and-tested presentations with none of the hassle.


How do I use the template, are there any instructions?

Each template comes with a detailed step-by-step guide, that explains exactly how to use it and what to do in each step. You can read the guide for free by clicking the button “Read free guide”

Our templates are build on Miro, Google Sheets or Google Slides. Once you have purchased the template you will find a detailed description to download or open your template on the product page. For Miro you will need to create a FREE Miro account to copy and edit our template. The Google Slides templates can be open with your Google account our be downloaded as PPT file. The Google Sheets templates can also be opened with your Google account or be downloaded as XLS file.

Yes all our templates can be customized and if you wanted to do yo you can adapt them for example according to your branding and company`s colour scheme.

Depending on the type of template they are either build on Miro, on Google Sheets also available as XLS or Google Slides also available as PPT.

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