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Highlights: The Most Important Albert Belle Career Statistics

  • He hit 381 home runs over the span of his career.
  • Belle played 12 seasons in Major League Baseball.
  • He led the American League in slugging percentage in 1995 (.690) and 1998 (.655).
  • Belle had a career On-base percentage of .369.

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Our focus in this blog post is the extraordinary career of Albert Belle, one of Major League Baseball’s most spectacular yet controversial figures. As a statistical expert, we interpret raw data not merely as numbers but as a timeline of Belle’s illustrious career, characterizing his triumphs and struggles on the pitch. From his start with the Cleveland Indians to his retirement with the Baltimore Orioles, Belle amassed exceptional statistics that still resonate in baseball lore. Join us as we delve deeper into the numbers that defined Albert Belle’s contribution to the baseball world.

The Latest Albert Belle Career Statistics Unveiled

He hit 381 home runs over the span of his career.

Delineating the magnitude of Albert Belle’s baseball career isn’t complete without shedding light on the staggering count of 381 home runs he amassed over his timeline as a professional player. This lofty figure is a testament to Belle’s raw prowess, perfect execution and sheer consistency at the plate, making him one of the most feared sluggers of his era. This singular feat not only underlines Belle’s exceptional contribution to the sport but marks a milestone that sets him apart in the annals of baseball history, further elevating the narrative around his distinguished career statistics.

Belle played 12 seasons in Major League Baseball.

Highlighting the span of Albert Belle’s stint in Major League Baseball strengthens the overall examination of his career statistics. A period of 12 seasons reflects his crucial contribution and durability in a demanding sport. The longevity allows us to assess consistency and performance trends over a significant length of time, offering better insights into the peaks and troughs of Belle’s career. Furthermore, it provides a solid groundwork for comparisons between Belle and other players in the MLB, both from his era and others.

He led the American League in slugging percentage in 1995 (.690) and 1998 (.655).

Highlighting the impressive slugging percentage of Albert Belle during his 1995 (.690) and 1998 (.655) seasons undoubtedly cements his status as a formidable power hitter in the annals of baseball history. In the often-complex constellation of baseball analytics, a high slugging percentage is a comprehensive metric that signifies his prodigious capacity for not just hitting the ball, but driving it great distances, often cinching victories for his team. These particular statistics in Albert Belle’s career, pay homage to his consistent raw power, ability to smash extra-base hits, and his inimitable propensity to turn the tide in his team’s favor, truly setting him apart among his contemporaries.

Belle had a career On-base percentage of .369.

Carefully examining Albert Belle’s career shows an On-base Percentage (OBP) at .369, a figure that carries pivotal importance in comprehending Belle’s impressive career arc. OBP serves as a key performance indicator, highlighting Belle’s propensity to get on base, whether by hit, walk, or hit by pitch, thus leading to productive innings and increasing opportunities for his team to score. It’s these precise elements in Belle’s game, such as his remarkable ability of reaching base, that made him a consistently problematic presence for opposing pitchers during his shining career.


Albert Belle’s career statistics highlight an exceptional performance in baseball, solidifying him as one of the most accomplished athletes in the sport. With a career batting average of .295, over 1700 hits, 381 home runs, and 1239 runs batted in during his 12-year stint in the Major League Baseball, Belle demonstrated strong consistency and extraordinary competence. His statistics underscore a dynamic offensive player who significantly contributed to his teams and enhanced the competitive spirit of the baseball games he partook in.


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How many seasons did Albert Belle play in his major league career?

Albert Belle played for 12 seasons in his major league career.

Which teams did Albert Belle play for during his major league career?

Albert Belle played for the Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox, and the Baltimore Orioles during his major league career.

How many home runs did Albert Belle hit in his career?

Albert Belle hit a total of 381 home runs in his major league career.

What was Albert Belle's career batting average?

Albert Belle's career batting average was .295.

How many RBIs (Runs Batted In) did Albert Belle have in his career?

Albert Belle had a total of 1239 RBIs in his career.

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