Seller Offer Response Time Statistics

The average response time for sellers to respond to offers is 24 hours.

Statistic 1

"The exact offer response time varies from state to state, but the average is 3 days,"

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Statistic 2

"An average response time during working hours is 1-2 hours,"

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Statistic 3

"6% of sellers respond within 4 hours to an offer if received during working hours,"

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Statistic 4

"About 40% of sellers need over 24 hours to respond to an offer during weekends,"

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Statistic 5

"An average 20% of sellers may extend the offer response time if negotiations are intensive,"

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Statistic 6

"5% of sellers are likely to respond within the first 30 minutes of receiving an offer during working hours,"

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Statistic 7

"17% of sellers say they respond within 1-2 days when dealing with first-time buyers,"

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Statistic 8

"For 65% of sellers, the response time depends on the attractiveness of the offer,"

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Statistic 9

"40% of sellers respond within 6-7 hours if the offer is close to the asking price,"

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Statistic 10

"On average, 25% of sellers may not respond at all if the offer is far from their expectations,"

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Statistic 11

"20% of sellers respond within 12 hours regardless of receiving the offer during office hours or not,"

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Statistic 12

"Over 60% of sellers respond faster (within a few hours) to offers they receive via digital platforms,"

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Statistic 13

"46% of sellers respond to an offer within one day if the offer meets their selling price,"

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Statistic 14

"35% of sellers are likely to accept an offer below asking price if it arrives in the first week of listing,"

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Statistic 15

"Nearly 28% of sellers take up to 72 hours to respond if the offer is substantially lower than their asking price,"

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