Statistics About The Most Poisonous Octopus

The blue-ringed octopus, one of the most poisonous octopuses, carries enough venom to kill up to 26 adult humans within minutes.

Statistic 1

"The Blue-ringed octopus grows up to 20 cm, but is still the world's most deadly octopus,"

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Statistic 2

"The venom of a Blue-ringed octopus is 1,000 times more potent than cyanide,"

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Statistic 3

"Blue-ringed octopus venom contains a substance known as tetrodotoxin, which can cause respiratory arrest in humans,"

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Statistic 4

"Despite its venomous nature, the Blue-ringed octopus only weighs 28 grams,"

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Statistic 5

"Blue-ringed octopuses can change their color depending on the level of threat they perceive,"

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Statistic 6

"Despite its dangerous status, Blue-ringed octopuses are actually docile and not aggressive unless provoked,"

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Statistic 7

"There is no anti-venom for a Blue-ringed octopus bite,"

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Statistic 8

"Blue-ringed octopuses are found in tide pools in the Pacific Ocean and are common around Australia,"

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Statistic 9

"Blue-ringed octopuses produce venom for capturing prey and defense,"

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Statistic 10

"Despite its small size, a Blue-ringed octopus can fit in a shell as small as a walnut,"

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Statistic 11

"Blue-ringed octopuses typically live for around two years,"

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Statistic 12

"The venom of a Blue-ringed octopus is approximately 10,000 times more toxic than cyanide,"

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Statistic 13

"Blue-ringed octopuses are one of the only octopuses to be dangerous to humans,"

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Statistic 14

"Blue-ringed octopuses have a global distribution in tropics and subtropics,"

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Statistic 15

"The venom of Blue-ringed octopuses can cause paralysis in humans,"

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Statistic 16

"The bite of a Blue-ringed octopus is often painless and may go unnoticed until the symptoms start to appear,"

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Statistic 17

"Blue-ringed octopuses are normally a docile species only becoming aggressive if they are provoked,"

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Statistic 18

"The toxins of Blue-ringed octopuses have the ability to kill over 20 types of clams, shrimps, crabs, and fish,"

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