Statistics About The Most Attractive Hairstyle

The most attractive hairstyle is generally considered to be long, flowing locks.

Statistic 1

""A study in 'Human Nature' found that brunettes with average hair length were rated as more attractive over blondes.""

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Statistic 2

""Research by Pantene found that 78% of men claim hair is key to their first impression of a woman.""

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Statistic 3

""According to a survey conducted by ‘Today’ in the U.S., looser curls or waves are the most attractive to 27% of the surveyed group.""

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Statistic 4

""A survey by ‘Phillips’ found that 89% of women believe a good haircut can make a man more attractive.""

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Statistic 5

""A poll on 'YouGov' found 47% of people think bob cut is the least attractive hairstyle.""

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Statistic 6

""According to a survey by ‘Balding Beards’, clean-shaven men are considered more attractive than those with facial hair.""

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Statistic 7

""68% of women believe a bad hair day affects their performance at work, according to a study by 'Dove'.""

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Statistic 8

""Research by 'YouGov' found that 58% of people feel more confident after getting a haircut.""

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Statistic 9

""According to a survey by ‘Amazingy’, men find women with bobs 55% less attractive.""

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Statistic 10

""33% of women claim they feel most attractive with a ponytail, according to a survey by 'Glamour'.""

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Statistic 11

""According to a research by 'Men’s Health', 80% of women think a man’s hairstyle reflects his personality.""

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Statistic 12

""67% of women prefer men with short hair, according to a survey by 'Cosmopolitan'.""

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Statistic 13

""According to a survey by 'Hair Transplant Mentor', 60% of bald men are perceived as less attractive.""

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Statistic 14

""A survey by ‘Superdrug Online Doctor’ found that 41% of men feel most attractive with shaved heads.""

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Statistic 15

""According to a survey by 'Schwarzkopf', 70% of men believe a woman’s hairstyle can affect their romantic interest in her.""

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