Linux User Statistics

The statistics on Linux users show a growing trend in terms of user adoption and usage across various platforms globally.

Statistic 1

"As of 2021, there are approximately 1.41 million professional software developers worldwide who code using the Linux Operating System."

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Statistic 2

"More than 95% of the servers that power the top 1 million domains worldwide use Linux."

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Statistic 3

"Around 96.3% of the world’s top 1 million websites use Linux."

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Statistic 4

"Linux is the operating system of choice for 100% of the world's 500 fastest supercomputers, as of June 2021."

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Statistic 5

"An estimated 27.6% of companies using operating systems for IoT (Internet of Things) devices prefer Linux."

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Statistic 6

"The Linux kernel has more than 20 million lines of code."

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Statistic 7

"As of 2021, there are over 600 distros (varieties) of Linux used by consumers."

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Statistic 8

"Linux user base made up just 1.35% of the total operating system market share globally in May 2021."

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Statistic 9

"As of 2020, Ubuntu, a distributive of Linux, has a 69.79% market share among Linux Distribution systems."

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Statistic 10

"An estimated 81% of enterprises surveyed use Linux as their primary cloud platform."

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Statistic 11

"Roughly 63% of production databases run on Linux."

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Statistic 12

"Linux runs on 25-35% of all smart TVs, as of 2021."

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Statistic 13

"Linux has 83.1% share of the mobile OS market in 2021."

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Statistic 14

"Between 2017 and 2020, Linux usage in Microsoft's Azure cloud grew from about a third to half of all instances."

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Statistic 15

"As of 2021, approximately 13.6% of all existing websites are running on Linux."

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Statistic 16

"Linux is used as a main OS by about 69% of programmers, as of 2021."

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Statistic 17

"As of 2021, over 95% of Amazon’s EC2 computing machines run on Linux."

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Statistic 18

"Over 350,000 professional software developers actively participate in the Linux open source community."

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