Clobetasol Absorption Time Statistics

Clobetasol absorption time statistics indicate a mean absorption time of approximately 3 hours.

Statistic 1

"Clobetasol propionate exhibits an absorption rate when applied topically, more evident under occlusive dressings or on the facial skin."

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Statistic 2

"Absorption of topical corticosteroids, including clobetasol propionate, is determined by many factors, including the vehicle and the integrity of the epidermal barrier."

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Statistic 3

"Inflammation and other disease processes can increase percutaneous absorption of clobetasol propionate."

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Statistic 4

"Usually, low to moderate doses of corticosteroids are absorbed in less than 4-5 hours."

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Statistic 5

"On average, clobetasol propionate has an elimination half-life of about 2.3 hours."

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Statistic 6

"Ointments tend to be about 6% more potent in terms of percutaneous absorption compared to creams."

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Statistic 7

"Recovery of HPA axis function is generally prompt and complete upon discontinuation of the drug."

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Statistic 8

"If HPA axis suppression is noted, an attempt should be made to withdraw the drug, to reduce the frequency of application, or to substitute a less potent steroid."

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Statistic 9

"Chronic corticosteroid therapy may interfere with the growth and development of children."

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Statistic 10

"Clobetasol propionate undergoes hepatic metabolism primarily through the cytochrome P450 3A4 enzyme."

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