Statistics About The Average Mobile Home Electric Bill

The average mobile home electric bill in the United States is $115 per month.

In this post, we will explore various statistics surrounding the average mobile home electric bills in the United States. From state-specific figures to energy consumption patterns, we’ll delve into the numbers that shed light on the unique energy needs and costs associated with mobile home living.

Overall, the statistics presented reveal significant variations in mobile home energy consumption and costs across different states and regions in the U.S. Mobile home owners tend to spend more on electricity compared to those in site-built homes, with heating being a primary energy expense. Notably, energy use in manufactured homes has been on a downward trend over the past few decades, with newer homes demonstrating greater energy efficiency. Differences in energy costs between mobile homes and standard homes are influenced by factors like climate, heating methods, and regional variations in electricity prices. Mobile home dwellers in states like Hawaii, California, and Florida generally face higher electric bills compared to those in other regions.


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