Average Artery Blockage By Age Chart

Artery blockage increases with age, with older age groups showing higher average blockage percentages.

Author: Jannik Lindner

First published: 7/17/2024

The Average Artery Blockage By Age Chart provides insight into the percentage of artery blockage typically seen across different age groups. The data shows a gradual increase in blockage percentage as age advances, with individuals aged 80 and over having the highest average artery blockage at 60%. This information is crucial for understanding the potential risk factors associated with cardiovascular health at various stages of life.

Chart Data

Age Average Artery Blockage (%)
20-29 5%
30-39 10%
40-49 20%
50-59 30%
60-69 40%
70-79 50%
80+ 60%


Artery blockage tends to increase with age, with individuals in their 80s or older having the highest average blockage at 60%. It is important for individuals, especially as they age, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and seek appropriate medical care to prevent or manage artery blockage.


At what age does artery blockage typically start?

Artery blockage can start developing in a person’s 20s, with some studies showing early signs of atherosclerosis in individuals as young as 18.

How much artery blockage is considered normal in a healthy individual?

A healthy individual typically has less than 10% artery blockage, which is considered minimal and may not cause any symptoms or health issues.

What is the average level of artery blockage in people in their 40s and 50s?

In general, people in their 40s and 50s may have around 20-30% artery blockage on average, as a result of factors such as diet, lifestyle, and genetics.

Are there any specific risk factors that can lead to accelerated artery blockage?

Yes, risk factors such as smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to faster accumulation of artery blockage in individuals.

How can one prevent or reduce artery blockage as they age?

Preventive measures such as adopting a healthy diet, regular exercise, not smoking, managing stress, and controlling risk factors like cholesterol and blood pressure can help prevent or reduce artery blockage with age.